The old man was decrepit; a haggard broken skeleton loosely covered by the weathered and wilting salty flesh a person would develop had they lived on the banks of a great body of water. His raspy voice floated on the night air as an inaudible whisper, yet it sounds in your ears at a piercing volume. "Hello and welcome." His deep pocketed eyes seem to roll unnaturally as he tilts his head to examine your meek frame. "Perhaps you were expecting a different form of welcoming? Well, perhaps, had you not evaded I would not have been beckoned to find you but... Here I am."

As the air changes direction the putrid stench of rotten leather burdens you with the urge to vomit. "You have an appointment with His Grace. Do keep it, and don't let me catch you out here again without His consent to stay within the realm of the city." The old man's exchange began and ended before you have the opportunity to move, or others to notice, yet there he was; someone you wouldn't have expected to have been chosen for the Dark Curse or capable of surviving the change. He bows his graying, foul head and simply turns from you, disappearing before your very eyes. How he knew where you were, well… that's another question all together.

However, he had unnervingly found you. It didn't matter how you infiltrated the city; be it you were hiding out in a local motel room, keeping a low profile among the dregs on the outlaying neighborhoods of the local homeless shelters, or had gained entry to an exclusive nightclub as a coveted member of the social elite. He was always there, issuing invitations. Recanting an invitation from the old man was unheard of. The shattered broken wastes of Atlanta were unsafe After Twilight.



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