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 Gresham District

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PostSubject: Gresham District   Gresham District Icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 11:50 pm

Gresham District

Current District Baron: Sovereign Property

Resources Requirements for Haven: Resources 5

Atmosphere: Hostile

Description: The Gresham District, for no apparent reasons, is named after one of the smallest remaining parks in all of Atlanta, Gresham Park. It is not common knowledge as to why the small park was so significant during the reconstruction phase of the district as a whole, but it continues to serve as a mecca for nightly business. The Gresham District remained economically unharmed during the Elapid Pandemic, as the sports complexes, the zoo and accompanying research laboratories, and the abundant natural preserve areas made it ideal to sustain a more archaic lifestyle. However, to the surprise of even the most fitting resident of the district, Gresham quickly became the economic key-holder to the city, moving out the populous that couldn't afford to stay and promoting a lifestyle of crystalline perfection that is often secluded. The Gresham District is now the most wealthy of all the districts in Atlanta, but also boasts the smallest population. As such, outsiders are quickly discovered and find themselves unwelcome.

Approved Channels
Places of Interest
Grant Park
Turner Field Sports District
Zoo Atlanta
Gresham Park
Emerald Lake
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Gresham District
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